Solutions: Gas Turbine Market
Large and Growing Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Installed base of power generation reaching 40 years of age offers opportunities for service, replacement and efficiency gains.

Source: Alstom Investor Presentation
Total Market Value:
  • Large and growing multi-billion dollar market for after-market gas turbine parts
  • Large and growing multi-billion dollar market for new gas turbines
Existing Market Size:
  • > 15,000 Large Gas Turbines (>20MWe)
  • > 20,000 Smaller Turbines (<20MWe)
  • > 30,000 Aircraft APUs (on every plane)
  • 16% of all US power plants are turbines. 95% in oil producing countries
Growth Rates:
  • World electricity growth around 3% a year; greater in developing countries
  • The compound annual growth rate for large gas turbines is ~4.7% (Reuters, 5/14/2009)
Market Drivers:
  • New regulations driving need for lower emission solutions
  • Emissions requirements tightening every year
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Market (MRO) for Gas Turbines:
  • Exceeds $8 billion annually
  • Combustor repairs exceed $2 billion annually