Solutions: Burning Bio Mass & Low BTU Fuels
Recirculating Vortex Combustion (RVC) technology is well aligned with the Department of Energy's Biomass Program Goals

Biomass derived fuels are becoming prominent but have extensive physical and chemical variations including:
  • Proportion of fixed carbon and volatiles
  • Calorific content
  • Moisture content
  • Ash/residue content
  • Cellulose/lignin ration
Future fuels therefore require a highly flexible combustion system.

Lean Flame's Recirculating Vortex Combustor (RVC) has a huge operating envelope w.r.t:

  • Fuel flexibility - able to process fuels of various physical and chemical properties (flame speeds, extinction limits, ignition delay times, etc.)
  • Operating pressures and through-put velocities
  • Turndown emissions performance
  • Operating mode (lean premixed, rich quench lean, lean direct injection, fuel staging, etc.)
  • Ultra low lean blowout limits