Solutions: Economics Benefits
Economic benefits of Lean Flame's Recirculating Vortex Combustor ("RVC")

Assumptions: Base Load; 8,000 hours operation; NG @ $6/mm BTU; No Credit for reduced CO2; No Credit for ESP Reduction


  • Efficiency Gain Fuel Savings, Smaller GHG Footprint
  • Ultra Low Emissions
  • NOx No/reduced sized SCR
  • CO No/reduced CO post cleanup
  • PM reduces need for Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Reduced part count, less maintenance
  • Multi Fuel Capable (take advantage of seasonal price variations)


  • Future Emissions Credits/reduction in penalties
  • Multi fuel capable (Synthetics, Biofuels, etc.)
  • Reduced Pattern Factor, Increased Turbine Life
  • Increased Operability Margin and Turndown
  • Ability to maintain prescribe emissions levels at reduced power levels (off season, nightime, etc.)
  • Able to stabilize combustion for higher throughput velocities
  • Able to process myriad of chemically different fuels
  • 5x Turndown