About Us: The Company
Lean Flame Inc.

Lean Flame Inc. has developed and supplies the world's cleanest combustor for land based gas turbines and Auxilary Power Units. Its business is retrofitting gas turbine combustion systems with its novel after-market, Recirculating Vortex Combustor ("RVC"). Lean Flame's solution achieves less than 3 ppm NOx and CO emissions, with virtually zero particulates. The combustor has excellent turn down (5x better than DLE and diffusion flame combustors), with ultra low emissions from 50% to 100% load on natural gas. The main characteristic of the Lean Flame combustor is a breakthrough in flame stability which permits the burning of ultra lean fuel mixtures and lower NOx. Lean Flame's combustor can operate at equivalence ratios as low as .1 compared to .5 with DLN. A second important characteristic is that the combustor has lower pressure drop losses, compared to DLN technology, which improves overall turbine efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by about 1%.

Although the concept was originally conceived of by the US Air Force Research Propulsion Laboratory Directorate, Lean Flame was the world's first, and, to its knowledge, the only entity to successfully retrofit a turbine with a TVC type of combustor.