Technology: Benefits
Multi-fuel capability and superior operability with ultra-low emissions

Competitive Advantage:
  • Ultra low NOx, CO and UHC (< 3ppmdv @ 15% O2) - natural gas, virtually zero particulates
  • Five times the turn down of conventional combustors with ultra low NOx and CO emissions from 50% to 100% load
  • Increased combustion intensity for Reduced PM/CO
  • >50% reduction in combustor system pressure drop for increased cycle efficiency and reduced fuel burn which increases simple cycle efficiency by 1 to 1.5%
  • Superior Operability Envelope (w.r.t. fuel type, flame speed variability, throughput velocity, turndown, operating pressure, etc.) - 40% wider than conventional combustors (source: AIAA 2001-0483)
  • Overall Lean Blow Out fuel-air ratios down to 0.0015 (see LFI UTRC results, 2009)
  • Multi Fuel Capable: Gas, Liquid, Low BTU, Synthesis Gas, Hydrogen, etc.
  • Lower Cost to Maintain (few parts, simpler design)
  • Reduced Size and Lower Weight - key to aerospace applications
  • 50% Improvement in high altitude relight, blow out & ignition (source: AIAA 2001-0483)
  • Combustion Efficiencies, even at high inlet velocities (M~ 0.7), >> 99% (see LFI UTRC results, 2009 and AFRL/NASA Presentation, 2009)
  • Superior EGT Profile and Pattern Factor (source Roquemore et al., AFRL/NASA presentation, 2009)